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The philosophy at US Elegant Homes is to provide courteous and prompt attention to our Homeowners, Realtors and Home Managers. All parties are highly valued. Our business standard is to conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity at all times.

US Elegant Homes is the premiere home staging provider, helping take vacant houses from dull and lifeless to life-filled and elegant homes. Today’s real estate market is a price war and a beauty contest. US Elegant Homes will be on your side to ensure your home get the WOW effect that have powerful appeal to buyers. We offer Homeowners and their Realtors the proven benefits of expert staging and cost-savings of our carefully screened Home Managers. This is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Home Staging secure more equity and sell your house faster. It turns a typical house into a model home which stand out from the competitions and evokes an emotional attachment for potential buyers. Home staging gives Homeowners and Realtors a competitive edge.

With the current economy, Homeowners face growing holding costs while Realtors are becoming property managers by default. Vacant houses sell for 12% less money and are on the market an average of 30 days longer than a comparably furnished homes listed at the same price. Unfurnished houses deteriorate and are expensive to maintain.

Vacant House Issues:
  • House appears neglected.
  • House smell musty and stale.
  • House accumulate dust.
  • House appliances deteriorate.
  • House accumulate both live and dead bugs.
  • House lost curb appeal.
  • House landscaping and lawn become overgrown.
  • House swimming pool turn green.
  • House decks/porches accumulate dust and spider webs.
  • House windows get foggy and dirty.
The US Elegant Homes Solution:
Benefits to Homeowners
  • Keep your house from appearing distressed. The lack of care results in buyers' effort to "Low Ball" their offers.
  • Your listing in Show Condition everyday. With our Home Manager in your home, it will be in Show Condition during normal lock box hours seven days a week. We will add warmth and beauty to your vacant house.
  • Prevent insurance increase or cancellation of Homeowner policy. Vacant houses are expensive to insure as they carry substantial risks such as vandalism, flooding from unexpected broken pipes, fire, etc. Normally, after 60 days of vacancy; insurance companies usually reduced your coverage or raise the premiums.
  • Reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. US Elegant Homes and our Home Manager pays all utility bills, lawn care, pool maintenance, interior cleaning service and minor upkeep bills. We manage your home at NO COST to you until it sells.
Benefits to Realtors
  • Eliminate your management responsibilities. US Elegant Homes will improve curb appeal, furnish, decorate and have the home in Show Condition all day, everyday. We eliminate your management responsibilities which allow you to focus on selling.
  • Your listing will be in Show Condition during normal lock box hours. When your listing sells, our Home Manager will move out and your listing will be ready for the new owner.
  • Keep your listing from appearing distressed. Landscaping and lawn become overgrown, swimming pool quickly turn green, appliances deteriorate, windows get dirty and decks/porches accumulate dust and spider webs. The lack of care results in buyers' effort to "Low Ball" their offers which mean less commission for you.

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