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US Elegant Homes is an umbrella web site for both Homeowners and qualified Home Managers. Homeowners, their Realtors and Homebuilders know that a vacant house is hard to sell and it's on the market for a longer period of time. This why we place well qualified people with nice furnitures and decors into these luxury home as a Home Manager. We turn these vacant houses from dull and lifeless to life-filled and elegant homes.

If you have expensive taste and enjoy living large, need temporary housing because you are building your home, moving or just want to live in high-end homes, consider being a Home Manager with US Elegant Homes. Live in it as it were yours. Maintain and keep it in Show Condition while it is on the market for sale. Allow Realtors to show the home and you pay a fraction of what it would normally cost to rent it. The only catch is you have to move when the house get sold. The good news is that US Elegant Homes will pay for part or all of the moving costs - just as long as it is into one of our vacant homes.

In order to qualify as a Home Manager, you must be willing to buy, rent or have enough beautiful furnitures and decors to furnish the home. Furnitures and decors must match the the home style. Pets are NOT allow and smoking is NOT permitted in any of our homes. Additionally, we require a minimum of three (3) months commitment in our program. This is NOT a lease. You as a Home Manager are independent contractor and NOT a tenant.

To see if you might be qualified to become a Home Manager, submit your request and one of our team members will contact you promptly.
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Current Home Managers
If you are a current Home Manager and are in need of service, please submit your request using our Service Form. One of our representatives will process your request and a technician will contact you within 24 business hours for service.

XpressPay Request Service
US Elegant Homes offer XpressPay service through eRentPayment.       Submit your Service Request online for faster service.  
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