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In today’s competitive housing market, location is no longer enough to ensure a quick sale for the highest price. With so many homes available for sale, the first impression is extremely crucial. The prospective buyer’s first experience of viewing your home must quickly evoke the feeling of “I COULD LIVE HERE.” That’s why we create model homes to maximize the selling opportunity every time a prospective buyer drives up to the curb.

US Elegant Homes specializes in marketing vacant homes beyond what a typical staging service provides. We transform vacant houses into beautifully furnished model homes – AT NO CHARGE TO YOU!

Homebuilders know when a buyer walks into a nicely furnished and well accessorized home, the thought “I COULD LIVE HERE” quickly comes to mind. That’s why Homebuilders ALWAYS create model homes to SELL houses. Vacant homes are simply harder to sell. And in this slow-moving market, losing a selling opportunity could mean long painful months to sell.

There is a solution and it costs you NOTHING!
  • We Save you thousands of dollars on your homeowner’s insurance policy and increase your coverage at the same time.
  • We increase your curb appeal by providing professional landscape maintenance, interior cleaning service, as well as pool and spa maintenance.
  • We pay your utility bills and minor upkeep bills.
  • We furnish and accessorize your home at NO COST to you.
  • We help you sell sooner for more money.
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