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How does US Elegant Homes work?

It's no secret that Realtors and home builders know that a vacant house can be tough to sell. This is why home builders have model homes for prospective buyers to walk through and visualize. Prospective buyers often see a vacant house as bleak and uninviting. This makes them uncomfortable so they hurry through and spend less time at the vacant house. Buyers can't begin to visualize furniture placement or understand how the house will function for them. When this happen, there is no sale.

A vacant house becomes more stagnant as it's on the market for a long period of time. Buyers may conclude that the house has hidden problems that are keeping it from selling. This will result in buyers effort to "Low Ball" their offers.

US Elegant Homes and our Home Managers will stage and fill the vacant houses with the right furniture and decors. We help take vacant houses from dull and lifeless to life-filled and elegant homes.

Now, the prospective buyers can begin to visualize the furniture placement and understand how the house will function for them. More time will be spent at the home and the thought "I COULD LIVE HERE" quickly comes to mind.

US Elegant Homes is your No Cost solution.
  • All services are coordinated and supervised by US Elegant Homes.
  • Professionally furnish, decorate, and accessorize your vacant house.
  • Homes are in Show Condition all day, everyday.
  • Careful screened and highly qualified Home Managers into the vacant home.
  • Prevent increase of insurance premiums.
  • Lawn, pool maintenance and cleaning service provided.
  • Electricity, water, gas, and disposal bills paid.
  • We purchase a Home Warranty Service Contract covering most major systems in your home.
  • We carry extensive Liability Insurance coverage.
  • Our service provides peace of mind, immediate relief and help you sell your home sooner.
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XpressPay Request Service
US Elegant Homes offer XpressPay service through eRentPayment.       Submit your Service Request online for faster service.  
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