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US Elegant Homes is here to help you sell your vacant listings faster with more money in your pocket. Every Realtors know that a vacant house is hard to sell and it's on the market for a longer period of time. This is why home builders have model homes filled with furnitures and decors which give the potential buyer the feeling of attachment to the home.

US Elegant Homes will keep your listing from appearing distressed. Landscaping and lawn become overgrown, swimming pool quickly turn green, appliances deteriorate, windows get dirty and decks/porches accumulate dust and spider webs. The lack of care results in buyers' effort to "Low Ball" their offers which mean less commission for you.

We eliminate your management responsibilities which allow you to focus on selling. We know that you have numerous listings to manage. The more listings you have, the more work you will have to put into managing it. US Elegant Homes will help enhance your listings by improving curb appeal, furnish, decorate and have the home in Show Condition all day, everyday. The bottom line is - THE MORE ELEGANT THE HOME, THE MORE YOU WILL SELL, THE LESS YOU WILL HAVE TO MANAGE, THE MORE MONEY YOU WILL MAKE!

Statistics show that a staged home sell 30 days faster and for more money than an unfurnished house. This mean more commission in less time with less hassle. Your listing will be in Show Condition during normal lock box hours. When your listing sells, our Home Manager will move out and your listing will be ready for the new owner.
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